LOVE (Feel it. Say it. Give it.)

Why is love so exclusive? People talk about how lucky they are when they find love. And that’s great. But when did love become such a limited commodity? My whole life, I’ve questioned the entire idea of love. Mainly when it came to romantic relationships. What is it? How will I know when I find it? What if I never do? When is it too early to tell someone you love them? How can you can tell if it’s real? I was very careful about when I said those three magic words to someone, as if once they came out, things would never be the same. Even with close friends. I didn’t say it to just anyone. Maybe it was only me, but it seems like many people struggle with this idea of love.

There is someone who came into my life recently. We spent a lot of time together over a short period, but then we parted ways and quite possibly may never see each other again outside of social media. The other day, she told me that she loved me. This struck me so profoundly. This woman, who I barely know and who barely knows me (no matter how wonderful the short time we spent together was), loves me? How? But questions aside, it felt wonderful. I immediately told her I loved her back. And I truly do. This got me thinking… Why don’t I do this more often?

We are born with such a large capacity for love. All of us. No matter where we come from, who our ancestors are, which culture or religion we are born into, love is universal. We are all capable of love. And a lot of it. So, why not share it? There is no benefit to being stingy with the love you have in your heart. Give it. Say it. If you feel a connection to someone, if you feel grateful for someone, if you simply exchange smiles or a laugh with someone. If you share a moment of any nature with another person that makes you feel happy to be alive, tell them you love them. Just say it. It doesn’t have to be so scary. And it feels so good! It’s something we all experience in one way or another, so why don’t we spread it around and use it to make our world a brighter place?

From this point on, I vow to love more. To open myself up to the wonderful feeling of connecting with other people and sharing love. To show others that love doesn’t have to be exclusive and that it feels good to express it. You will not run out of love, I promise. So, don’t worry about saving your love for that one special person. We are all special people, and we all want and need to be loved. All of us. And guess what? I guarantee if you give more love, you will receive more love. How great is that? So, let’s do our part in bringing more love into this world. Let’s open our hearts and let our love spill out onto all the people and places that need it. Love is the greatest power of all. It’s time for us to recognize it as such.

I love you.


xoxo nicole


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