This Is Love

As a young girl, she gave boys too much of her. More than they asked for. More than they deserved. It’s not even that she was trying to be the girl they wanted her to be and she was giving them what she thought they wanted. She was just herself. Completely and vulnerably herself. And she gave them every bit of that.

She wanted them to see that she was different. She wasn’t like all the other girls. She was as deep as an ocean. She was passionate. An old soul. Fun, yet soulful. Silly, yet intellectual. Beautiful. It would work for awhile. They would have great conversations. Have some laughs. But the thing is, the boys always ended up picking other girls over her. Girls that were just like the rest of them.

She gave these boys all of her, and they turned away and went, instead, for girls with less soul. These boys never asked for her, but she gave them everything anyway. And silly girl, she thought it was love. And this “love” always left her feeling that maybe she’s not as special as she thought. Maybe she wasn’t enough. Maybe she should be different. That is until she met the only boy who’s ever come to her and asked her gently, and sweetly, to give her whole self to him. He wanted to see more. He wanted all of her. And he wanted to treasure it. He wanted to keep it.

She’s been told she was beautiful her entire life. But he was the first one to make her believe it. He was the first to make her feel it. He made her feel special for being who she was when no one was looking. The parts of herself she was most self-conscious about? Those were the parts he loved the most. And the parts of herself that she was most proud of? He loved those, too. And encouraged every dream that she had. She wasn’t looking for his love. Wasn’t expecting it. But there he was, standing in front of her, offering his heart. No matter the questions she had and the doubt she felt, he knew that he needed her. And that she needed him. He knew that they were supposed to be together. He just knew, with a certainty that took her breath away.

It wasn’t complicated; he was playing no games. He promised to be patient and to never give up. Because he saw something that she just couldn’t yet see. But eventually she realized, that this… this friendship, this closeness, this comfortability, these deep conversations, these confessions of dreams, this laughter… This was love. He wanted her. The vulnerable, fun, emotional, soulful, silly, intellectual, passionate, beautiful her. He wanted her heart. He wanted her soul, and he was sweet enough to ask for it. And, thankfully, she was smart enough to give it to him. To give him everything. All of herself. Because now, they share a life. A heart. A soul. Because now, she knows that she is enough. Just as she is. This…. This is love.


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