My name is Nicole Dunlap. A Pittsburgh based yoga teacher (and lover) with a passion for creativity and self-discovery. My goal is to expand the world’s knowledge of yoga and show that it is accessible to EVERYONE (race, gender, weight, socioeconomic status, and flexibility level do not exist here) and that it is so much more than the contorted physical practice you may think of it as. Yoga can look completely different from one person to the next. It is the practice of going within yourself and finding out what makes you feel alive and well. We all deserve to discover the power and the beauty of yoga. My hope is to spread a little more of yoga’s life changing qualities into the deepest and darkest corners of the world. Yoga is about self-love. It’s time to celebrate you being you. The universe would not be the same without your unique self. Welcome to Bella Musa. Let’s change the world.